Fibreglass/Quartzon/Aristone Pool Resurfacing Hills Districts/Lower Blue Mountains/Lower & Upper North Shore/Northern Suburbs & Beaches/Western Sydney

Swimming Pool Resurfacing Sydney

Often, resurfacing your pool is the best option – there are many different ways to achieve it. Some of the options you will be familiar with, but there are new technologies which are tremendous.

  • Pebblecrete, Skypebble, and Blue Glass Pebble
  • Quartzon and Aristone
  • Tiling
  • Painting

What should you choose?

Quartzon and pebble finishes are still the most popular – we do a lot of renovation using these finishes.

Advantages of Pool Resurfacing

Modern resurfacing techniques can be used over any existing pool surface, including pebbles, original fibreglass, vinyl, concrete, tiled or painted swimming pool surfaces. Depending on your budget and the look you wish to achieve, we can use different techniques to resurface. There is a definite cost advantage in resurfacing your pool.

Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing

Fibreglass is very popular. It is very smooth, and resistant to stain, but is also very quick to apply. The new Aquaguard® technologies produce a very professional pool resurfacing finish.

Quartzon and Aristone Pool Resurfacing

Quartzon pools look magnificent – Quartzon contains unique a reflective aggregate which creates a stunning shimmer to your pool. It is manufactured so it is absolutely consistent, and offers a smooth, yet firm surface which is kind to on feet and bathing suits.

Aristone is a natural looking, white cement base with brilliant flecks of coloured stone that add sparkle and vibrancy to any pool interior. It is smoother than pebbles and considerably more affordable than tiles, you can choose different colours including crisp blues, fresh aquas and super bright whites.

How Pool Re-surfacing works

In essence we build a “new” pool surface over your existing pool. Resurfacing fixes any leaks, rust or osmosis by applying a shell over the existing degraded pool finish. It also coats damaged and mouldy pool surfaces and rejuvenates your existing pools.

Pool Resurfacing Lasts for Years

Re-surfacing is an ideal makeover option – its faster, it’s cheaper, but it lasts and lasts. Even with the effects of the sun and water, the re-surfacing will endure the harsh conditions and still be looking fantastic for years.

A Re-surfaced Pool has a Safer, Smoother Finish

Resurfacing gives the ultimate smoothness in your pool. The finish is non-abrasive and there are no sharp edges or rough finishes compared to concrete or old pebble pools that are abrasive and can harm your skin. It also gives the pool its colourful surface.

Plenty of Colours and Designs

When we re-surface your pool, you can have the pool colour you always wanted – but you can also insert patterns and designs into the surface coat to match the stylish designs you see in upmarket pools. You are not restricted to a single colour throughout.

A Resurfaced Pool is Easier to Maintain

The new surface is non-porous – this means that it’s highly resistant to stains, algae and discolouration. And it’s also easier to clean too – the smoother surface allows fast, effortless cleaning.
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